In 2020 I had the opportunity to pause our lives and breath for a moment. The covid-19 pandemic almost paralyzed the whole world, and for some of us was the perfect time to take a moment and analyze our lifestyles for the first time. So instead, we blindly and ritually work for companies to help them become the next billionaires or be in the top U.S profitable companies. Companies earn such fantastic attributes after business strategies, planning, excellent customer service, and “taking care of us the employees.” I admire companies’ efforts, hard work, and dedication and their encouragement to be part of their business culture and, most importantly, learn from the best companies.

The problem does not end here. There are still several more items to take care of after work, such as house chores, paying bills taking care of family, cleaning the yard, getting your car ready for your next work commute, and occasionally assisting families and friends with their tasks.

We tend to accept all these tasks as they come and pile them up in our busy minds to execute them later. Failing to organize our lives could impact our productivity and efficiency, followed by numerous health and adverse psychological effects. It is time to invest in our “self company” by adopting methods, strategies, technologies to help us boost our life quality. Take a moment and start organizing your life by categorizing tasks and encapsulating them in blocks, and sorting them by importance, chronologically, etc. Every person manages things differently; we have different goals. It is vital you take the time to examine your lifestyle to set what you want to accomplish. I will be sharing some of the tools and resources that helped me become a better self administrator.


Bye bye 2021

2021 was the year of recovery and an opportunity to re-adjust our objectives and career goals. Finally, after all the uncertainty of 2020, this year, 2021, we were able to set new directions and make a decision that would impact our future. We experience a few significant events that I believe we all share in common such as the “Great Resignation” and shortage of products in several business sectors. The Great Resignation, also known as the Big Quit, was an event that caused employees to resign voluntarily from their job roles. This event started to impact the United States during August of 2021, and according to economist blogs, this behavior may continue in 2022. However, I believe 2021 caused us to realize that we could do more and impulse us to make an effort to learn new skills and take risks to start new businesses. Technology makes our life much easier, and it gets better year after year. I am excited to start a new year and ready to implement new ideas, new business concepts, employ new technologies and organizational methods to help businesses, and support my community.



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